What is Space Studies?

Space Studies is a interdisciplinary graduate program that involves the study of all fields within space exploration. This includes Astronomy and Astrophysics, Astrobiology, Planetary Science, Orbital Dynamics and Spacecraft Propulsion, Spacecraft Engineering, Space Mission Design, Space Policy and Business. Since In addition to class work and independent research projects within specific fields, graduate students in Space Studies conduct multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research projects within the separate fields comprising Space Studies. The graduate program also provides students with knowledge about professional writing skills needed to survive within the space studies community, and the methodology of conducting multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary analysis.

Example Graduate Courses Offered in Space Studies Programs

The Planet Mars
The Sun and Space Environment (Solar Astrophysics)
Life in the Universe (Astrobiology)
Asteroids, Comets and Kuiper Belt Objects
Observational Astronomy
Astronomical Spectroscopy
Extraterrestrial Resources
Survey of Space Studies I
Survey of Space Studies II
Remote Sensing Principles
Orbital Mechanics
Space Mission Design
Space Studies Colloquium
Current Topics in Astrobiology
Individual Research in Space Studies
Independent Study Scholarly Project
History of the Space Age

Graduate students can pursue a non-technical or scientific/technical track, according to their undergraduate degree and professional experience. The Space Studies program prepares graduate students to pursue work at NASA, the DOD, various colleges and universities, space museums and planetariums, and the space industry.

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